Forest Fires

Forest Fires

What happens when a forest burns?

After a fire has taken place it is best not to look back but look forward at the new possibilities that may come from a forest being reborn.  Flowers spread from seeds eaten by local animals and from birds flying by.  With time new trees come to life and the forest can regrow into what it was.  I do not like to look into the past but rather focus on the future.

Who are the brave souls who venture into the woods to put out a fire?

Fire fighter


Fire fighters loose there lives every year helping forest and humans from fires.  In 2014 25 brave fire firefighers lost their live while on duty.  More to come on this topic!

For more information about fires in the US please click here to visit  the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC)


Last Modified on March 20, 2016
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