Kitchen Cabinet Repair – Adjusting Uneven Doors

Repairing a kitchen cabinet may not be as easy as it looks even if you know how to do it. Your level of success in cabinet repair depends on your skill and the tools that you use. Trying to fix cabinet doors which have become maladjusted is a very common requirement for house owners.  Use of European concealed type of hinges is the usual cause for this maladjustment. It is easily visible when the one-eighth inch gap changes between the doors and body of the cabinet.

Kitchen Rebuild

People sometimes fail to correct the maladjustment of the doors of office and bathroom cabinets even though it might seem very easy. After failing to adjust the screws correctly making the hinges come off completely, many house owners are forced to call for professional help for cabinet repair.

The professional people for cabinet repair who work regularly on concealed hinges used in the European style of manufacturing cabinets can easily make out what is wrong at a single glance. It would appear that even a second grade professional can repair the cabinet as only Phillips screwdriver is required for the job. A mess that was created by an off-duty physician when he tried to correct the problem in the cabinet of a doctor’s chamber could, fortunately, be rectified by the professional as none of the parts that had come loose had been thrown away.

Three Things That Should Be Avoided While Making These Adjustments:

  1. The doors should not be adjusted in any way so that they rub against one another. The standard gap that needs to be maintained between doors is a one-eighth inch. If the gap between the doors is less than this, then there is every possibility that the cupboard doors will foul against each other and the edges will get chipped off.
  1. While making the side adjustments on a European-style hinge during cabinet repair, avoid turning the screw too much so that it goes beyond the hinge. You have to very careful not to extend beyond the boundary of the hinge’s steel casing. If this happens, you may have to disassemble the door of the cabinet and reassemble the parts of the hinge once again. Have patience while doing this work as it is a highly frustrating job.
  1. The European style of the hook may have forwards and backward movements. The edge of the cabinet door should not be fixed tightly to the frame when the door is open. If this happens, then there is a chance of damage occurring to the door when it rubs against the side of the cabinet.

Opening and closing of the doors should be done gently when carrying out cabinet repair in the bathroom, kitchen, office, garage or laundry. You can land into a mess if you do not have any experience on repairing the unevenness of cabinet doors made from wood or plastic such as Formica laminates. You should have enough time to carry out the repairs smoothly without hurrying with the job.